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9 Day – All Ireland Explorer

Cross between borders and myths as you weave through the Emerald Isle’s stunning sights. There’s a reason why the Irish are brilliant at conversation. It’s because their country is overflowing with lyrical legends, poetic panoramas, and meandering mountains. It’s an island with almost too much to do, see, and talk about. But on this tour you get the chance to see all of it.

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5 Day – Northern Ireland and Atlantic Coast

Weave through Northern Ireland’s rich tapestry of Gaelic history and spectacular scenery. History can affect you in different ways. It can shock you with savage battles. It can inspire you with ancient beliefs and myths and it can amaze you with feats of endurance and strength.

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5 Day – Escape to the South West

Escape to the mystery and isolated splendour of Ireland’s West Coast on this 5 day tour.  You’ll capture Atlantic waves crashing against rugged cliffs, impressive castles looming over ancient monasteries, and cities bursting with myth and mystery.

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4 Day – Ring of Kerry, Killarney and Cork

Savour the true tastes of Ireland on the Wild Atlantic Way. This four day tour focuses on the wildest part of Ireland. A region where the rugged coast deserves to win every beauty pageant there is. Where the local pubs are boisterous from noon until midnight and where the castles look strong enough to fend off an entire empire.

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4 Day – Irish Castles, Gardens and Manor Houses

Fortify your knowledge of Ireland on this tour of gorgeous castles, sumptuous gardens, and stately manor houses. Medieval Ireland was a battleground. The Vikings plundered, the Normans raided, and the Gaels were steadfast in their resistance. So it’s no surprise the gorgeous green hills of Ireland are packed with impressively fortified castles and magnificent manor houses.

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11 Day – Complete Ireland Experience

Cross between borders and myths as you weave through the Emerald Isle’s stunning terrain. Ireland has more myths and legends than you’d dare to believe. It has more gorgeous coastlines and majestic mountains than your camera could capture and there are enough lively bars to satisfy even the most dedicated of party-goers.

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7 Day – Southern Ireland Discovery

Get to the heart and soul of Ireland on this seven day tour of the country's past and present.Fast fiddles, flowing flutes, and foot-tapping beats: Ireland’s traditional music is undeniably distinctive and as you travel through the island you can’t help but relate the unique music to the remarkable landscapes and stories.

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3 Day – West Coast Explorer

Discover the soaring mountains, spectacular wildlife, and mystical history of Ireland’s West Coast. This compact 3 day tour is your perfect introduction to Ireland’s highlights and tucked away treasures.

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3 Day – Kilkenny, Waterford and Kinsale

This 3 day tour takes you to Ireland’s rarely seen south east corner of beautiful beaches and ancient local history. You will visit the heritage town of Cahir and you may wish to kiss the Blarney Stone at the famous Blarney Castle then travel the coastline south of Cork to the fishing village of Kinsale.

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