Scotland Multi-Day Small Group

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9 Day – Iona, Mull, Skye and Orkney

Explore the "photographer's dream" of Skye, Orkney, Iona, and Mull on this tour from Edinburgh. You’ll see the famed beauty of Skye, you’ll hear about the infamous tragedy of Glencoe, and you’ll get to know the legends of Loch Ness and Loch Lomond and there’s more because you’ll also venture far from the well-trodden paths to the northern wilds of Orkney, and the peaceful shores of Iona and Mull.

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8 Day Islay, Iona, Mull and Skye

Roam the majestic Skye and explore the north’s rolling mountains on this tour from Edinburgh. Travel to the tune of Scottish traditions on this wide-ranging tour of Scotland. You start off with a symphony of smoky whiskies on the famous isle of Islay. There’s time here to enjoy four distilleries as you venture through Neolithic sites and sweeping coastlines.

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8 Day Islay, Edinburgh and Speyside Whisky Holiday

Savour the experience of Scotland’s finer distilleries on this comprehensive tasting tour from Edinburgh. Whisky is a golden-hued contradiction. It’s somehow smoothly harsh, subtly bold, and roughly refined. It’s undoubtedly an 'acquired taste' and on this tour, we give you time to understand all of whisky's nuanced characteristics in two of Scotland’s outstanding whisky regions.

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5 Day Orkney and Scotland’s Northern Coast

Escape to Scotland’s extreme Northern Coast and Orkney on this magical tour from Edinburgh. The archipelago of Orkney hides many treasures: and on our five day tour your experienced guide will ensure you find the best of them. You’ll unearth some of the most well-preserved prehistoric sites in Europe, examine a beautiful red sandstone coast, and discover the vibrant culture of remote island communities.

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5 Day Iona, Mull and the Isle of Skye

Rugged mountains, pristine lochs, and mythical moments abound on this tour of Scotland's beautiful islands. In the Isle of Skye, you have gorgeous winged cliffs carved by the winds of the east Atlantic. The sea and sky enveloping Mull are stocked with herds of whales and soaring eagles and the people of Iona have a remarkable culture that has been influenced by the invading Celts, Vikings, and Christians.

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5 Day Highland Explorer, Skye and Far North

Soak up the romantic beauty of the Isle of Skye and the Far North. Mountains, valleys, forests: we love all the wild places and there’s nothing we love more than sharing this passion with our passengers. On this trip we get you out exploring Scotland’s great wilderness. From the wind swept light house on the edge of Skye to the untouched beaches of the Northern Highlands.

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4 Day Scottish Castle Experience

Explore the power and majesty of Scotland’s castles on this tour from Edinburgh to the Highlands. Feel like a lord or lady as you wander through castles and manor houses. Stride ancient battlefields like a sword-wielding Highlander and relive Scotland’s history defining moments of conceit and treachery as you listen to your driver-guide’s epic tales.

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4 Day Outlander Trail

Go time travelling and follow in the footsteps of Jamie and Claire on our Outlander tour from Edinburgh. Relive the tragic battles, death-defying escapes, and sentimental moments of Outlander. You’ll visit towns that are virtually unchanged since the 16th century. Wander through ancient battlefields and visit some of Scotland’s most hidden-away castles.

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4 Day Magical Mull, Isle of Iona and West Highlands

Find yourself in perfect harmony with nature, as you relax amidst the beauty of Scotland.  Take in the tranquil wildlife, unspoilt blonde beaches, and traditional fishing villages. You will stay in the brightly coloured fishing village of Tobermory, where the locals live peacefully alongside the wild ocean.

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4 Day Isle of Skye and West Highlands

Travel to a world where mountains and myths merge on this four day tour of Skye and the West Highlands. No words can describe these places, and no photos can represent these sights. When you’re there, all you can do is simply look, relax, and enjoy the moment and this tour is four days of that incredible feeling. There are castles so impressive you’ll rub your eyes in disbelief, mountains so magnificent you’ll remember them forever, and villages so quaint you’ll want to pack your bags and move in.

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Why stop there?

The ever-increasing demand and availability for well-organised, safe and reliable trips means that we now go further afield, so while we love taking people on tours of England, Ireland and Scotland we are pleased to offer that little bit more with river tours of Amsterdam, coach tours of Paris and train trips to the chocolate capital of the world, Brussels!

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